Truck Driving Duo Takes It to the Next Level

Finding a partner for team truck driving jobs happens in different ways for different drivers. Some drivers develop relationships at a terminal or truck stop, some start out as friends, some are married, and others team up because they admire each other’s dedication to the profession. For Kevin and Melissa Fort, it was a marriage that turned into an opportunity for a team truck driving assignment when Melissa decided she wanted to go on the road with her husband. Now, they work as a truck driving team in Prime’s Refrigerated Division, hauling freight from coast to coast and spending all of their time together, on and off the road.

Fort Team

Kevin had already been driving truck for 8 years when Melissa mentioned that she was interested in joining him. As a veteran driver, Kevin knew he’d have to find a great training program for Melissa. After looking around and doing some research, he decided that the Prime Student Driver (PSD) program was the best around. So, he signed on with Prime himself, became a truck driving trainer, and then brought Melissa onboard and taught her to drive. Students like Melissa are able to get the top-notch training they need through the PSD program, and they earn a weekly income while they learn to drive under the guidance of an experienced teacher. It was the perfect situation for the married couple.

Fort Team 2The two have been driving together for a couple of years now, and they love every second of it. Melissa explains that truck driving for Prime gives them a great opportunity to be together on the road, get steady miles to boost their incomes, and work with some incredible people. They also both play important roles by helping new and current Prime drivers improve their lives as well—Kevin as a PSD instructor and Melissa as a Driver Health and Fitness coach. The program helped her lose over 10 percent of her body weight when she completed it, and she is now dedicated to helping others lose weight and get in shape as well while she maintains her own healthy lifestyle. In fact, the Healthy Trucking Association chose Melissa as the 2013 Female Driver of the Year!

When they’re not out on the road team truck driving, Kevin and Melissa like to spend time with their children and grandchildren at home in North Carolina. Occasionally, they even meet up with their son KJ Fort who also drives for Prime as an owner operator. They also both love to fish when they can get away for a while. When they are on the road, the couple travels the country and sees it all from the cab of their truck and makes money in the process. It’s the best of all worlds for this truck driving duo, and they couldn’t be happier.

If team truck driving sounds like a fulfilling and rewarding career that would fit your lifestyle, visit the Prime Inc. website at for more information

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