Going The Extra Mile With Prime’s Triangle of Protection

safetyIn an era when some trucking firms are looking for ways to cut corners, we are investing heavily to protect our most precious cargo: drivers. Prime, Inc., the refrigerated, flatbed, and tanker carrier based in Springfield, Missouri, has designed a comprehensive program to surround truckers with a triangle of safety systems designed to protect our truck drivers and the motoring public at large. Take a look at our infographic on Prime’s Truck Safety and Amenities.

“Safety is our highest calling,” says Nick Forte, Fleet Maintenance Administrator. “Our president and owner, Robert Low, has purchased a lot of technology to make sure all of our drivers get back home to their families safely.”

Prime’s goal to set the standard for trucking safety is accomplished through an impressive array of equipment. We start off by adding Anti-lock Braking system to every truck so operators can maintain control during low traction events and evasive maneuvering. Using ABS systems in a backwards fashion adds traction control and allows the system to sense wheel spin under torque and apply corrective actions to reduce slip and increase grip on slippery surfaces.

The next side of our protection is Roll Stability or Full Stability on the tractors. This system monitors the tractor for over steer, lateral slides, and rollover conditions, can cut throttle brake wheels independently, and monitor driver steering input to facility control and mitigate rollover and jackknives.

Prime TruckFinally, our Forward-looking Radar employs front-end Doppler to track objects in front of the tractor when cruise control is engaged. It maintains a cushion of safety by braking, cutting throttle and visual and audio alert to the truck drivers. This system mitigates and slows the tractor to maintain adequate following distance.

Our Collision Mitigation system, an “Always On” feature, allows for a last minute attempt to mitigate an impending collision by applying 50% of the braking force when the tractor has past the steer clear radius. The system only activates when the driver has not engaged the tractor and is providing input.

But let’s not stop at our Triangle of Protection! We are also promoting sleep apnea awareness and testing among our drivers and those enrolled in our student training program. Our very own sleep lab allows Prime truck drivers and enrollees to undergo sleep apnea testing. Fatigued driving and sleep disorders are two critical issues facing our industry, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our drivers and everyone on the road.

These are just a few of Prime’s safety features. We will continue to invest in similar technology and programs so that we can reduce fatalities on our nation’s highways and continue to ensure safe and on time shipments.

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Stay safe, everyone! If you’re interested in joining a company with a strong freight network, stability, opportunity, and great pay, it’s time you apply with Prime. Join the conversation and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Google+!

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