The 5 Main Rules of Trucking


Photo by Karl Wiggins

  1. A load that starts out screwed up will stay screwed up until the trailer is empty.
  2. You can’t keep a good trailer… or get rid of a bad one.
  3. If you wash your truck, rain will most definitely fall from a clear blue sky.
  4. The harder the wind blows, the more likely it will be a headwind if you’re heavy or a side wind if you’re light.
  5. If you’re early, they won’t take you. If you’re late, they won’t take you. If you’re on time, they would’ve taken you yesterday.

Written by Cliff Humphrey

IMG_7657Cliff Humphrey has been hauling freight for Prime since 1990. Cliff is a 3-Million Mile Safe Driver and a recipient of the Highway Angel Award. Cliff is married to his lovely wife Wanda (pictured on left next to Prime Owner & President Robert Low).

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