Payroll/Settlement Codes & Descriptions

piggy bank Have you ever gotten your paycheck or settlement and wondered what all of those codes and terms actually mean? We recently had a spouse of a driver ask how they could find out what all of the random codes they see on their husband’s settlement actually mean.

So…we’ve compiled this list:  Click here to see the list of codes and descriptions!

(To easily search for a code without manually looking through the list, hit “Control + F” on a laptop or click on the magnifying glass icon on a smartphone/tablet.)

We suggest keeping this list handy so you can make sure your paycheck/settlement is correct each week. If you see something you still don’t understand, just ask your Fleet Manager.

Don’t forget to scan in your trips WITHIN 48 HOURS to qualify for the safety and service incentives! We also have the Scan It to Win It contest running right now to encourage our fleet to scan in their trips WITHIN 5 HOURS to qualify for the random drawing to win $50 in Prime Reward Points.


Any questions, email Thanks to our drivers for all you do for Prime!

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