Become a Professional Driver and Drive for Prime

Even if you have developed a career in a particular field, there’s no reason why you can’t experience the change you crave by becoming a professional driver instead. Consider the story of Chad Daniel, who changed careers twice and finally found his calling as a professional driver with Prime Inc.

Changing Careers

Chad DanielIn the mid-1990s, Daniel was a professional driver for two years with M.S. Carriers, now owned by Swift. When he needed something different, he decided to become a police officer and stayed with that career for seven years. Then, when Daniel was ready to leave law enforcement, he decided to return to truck driving. However, he didn’t want to work for his previous employer in the trucking industry.

To help him decide where to apply, he remembered having a past conversation with a Prime driver over the CB radio, a professional driver who had nothing but positive words to say about Prime. It was that long-ago conversation that led Daniel to join Prime in December 2005. He has been with Prime ever since and has never looked back.

What Makes Prime Different?

Because Daniel has experience driving for more than one carrier, he has an informed perspective about what makes Prime different. First, he says that he is treated like family at Prime. Everyone, even the owner, knows his name and speaks to him so he feels comfortable and happy around his coworkers and superiors. Second, Daniel points out that the quality equipment he gets to drive at Prime is the best. He says he never has to worry about a point on his driving record stemming from poor equipment.

Daniel is an independent contractor with Prime, so he’s able to take time off at his discretion. He uses his vacation time to hunt, fish and camp at various destinations throughout the country.

Because of the experiences he has had during the past eight years as a professional driver for Prime, Daniel is adamant he would never want to change careers again. He finally feels at home with the career he has made at Prime and would happily recommend his carrier to anyone considering a professional driving career.

To learn more about joining the team at Prime as a professional driver, please visit our website and find us on our social media sites.

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