Once the Student, This Professional Driver Now Teaches Others

Jacoby Daniels is proud to be a professional driver. He is the perfect example of someone who, at one time, was under-employed and working below his potential before deciding that he and his family deserved better. He’s now earning a great living as a truck driver with Prime Inc. and teaching others how to do the same.


Jacoby signed on for the Prime Student Driver (PSD) program after determining that all of his hard work at his do-it-yourself hardware store job was getting him nowhere. He wanted a chance to make a lot more money for his family and figured that becoming a professional driver was the way to go. He graduated training, earned his CDL, and started earning a good truck driver salary; then, he decided that he wanted to teach others how to become professional drivers too. He is now an instructor for the PSD program, helping people just like him earn their CDL and begin rewarding careers as truck drivers. In his brief three-year history with Prime, he has already coached three other drivers through the PSD program and on to obtaining their CDL.

Now that Jacoby has a solid career as a professional driver and trainer for Prime Inc, he’s taking the time to enjoy life the way he has wanted to for quite awhile. He likes to play basketball and work on his cars in his spare time, and his truck driver salary has allowed him and his family to buy a house in his home state of California. Quite a change from the dead-end job he once had at the hardware store.

Jacoby is very complimentary of Prime and the training program that set him on his way to becoming a professional driver. He says, “I like working for Prime because they take care of you.”  And when asked if he would recommend Prime to another driver, his resounding response is, “Yes, I would. I would tell them that Prime has been great to me and has given me a great profession.”  Jacoby is giving back by teaching others the art of professional truck driving; Prime Inc. is proud to have him as an instructor in their distinguished training program.

If you’re ready to live up to your potential and earn a great career as a truck driver, visit the Prime Inc. website for more information.

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