What Does #PrimePROUD Mean to a Professional Driver at Prime Inc?

Professional-DriverPrime Inc. and its professional drivers have a rich history dating back to 1970. Since then, the fleet has grown from a single truck to more than 5,000 strong. Many drivers who operate one of those trucks are #PrimePROUD. But just what does that mean to a Prime Inc. truck driver? Actually, there are many answers to this question.

Being #PrimePROUD means:

  • Earning more for the work. Sure, the work itself brings satisfaction, but professional drivers are #PrimePROUD because they earn some of the top pay in the industry. “I came to Prime after several years at another company,” says company driver Luther Smith. “Prime made the move seamless. Now, my earnings are up, and I get plenty of freight. Things have never been better!”
  • Spending time in the Millennium Building. Prime Inc. is the only motor carrier to offer a single location like the Millennium Building. It’s a place where professional drivers and their families can enjoy resort-style luxury with an array of professional, personal, and recreational services in the masterfully designed state-of-the-art location in Springfield, Mo. “Their facility has everything I need when I’m away from home,” states company driver Doug Adams. “That’s why I’m PrimePROUD.”
  • Having the independence to explore America. Independent contractors can also drive for Prime. Thanks to the excellent pay and one of the best student training programs around, it’s easy for independent contractors to be #PrimePROUD. “At Prime, individuals who are ready to work can pretty much make as much as they want,” declares independent contractor Eric Faust. “The profit potential for independent contractors like me is outstanding. That’s why I’m PrimePROUD.”
  • Being treated respectfully. No one is proud to say they work for a company that walks all over them. That’s why Prime Inc. has an open-door policy and stresses maintaining the utmost respect for every company associate. “Prime is unlike any other company out there,” explains company driver Roy McGuire. “They treat each employee as if they are family. Each driver at Prime is a real person—a real individual with a name and a story, instead of just being a truck number.”
  • Contributing to the economy. Professional drivers are the lifeblood of America. Store shelves would be empty, gas stations would go out of business, and construction companies would cease to exist without dedicated truck drivers to deliver the goods. That’s something to be proud of.
  • Driving late-model equipment. Prime Inc. offers their company drivers and independent contractors access to late-model tractors and trailers equipped with top of the line safety and security features. Having this newer equipment out on the road not only gives you the comfort of knowing you have more reliable tools to get the job done, but it also provides you a vehicle to be proud of. Company driver Tony Eccles said, “Thank you Prime Inc. for my beautiful truck. I love it!”

You’ll be seeing a lot of #PrimePROUD moments from professional drivers on Facebook, Twitter (@truckingjob) and Instagram (@primetrucking). Be sure you use the hashtag when you post anything Prime-related, too!

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