Prime Promotes Healthy Lifestyles Among Drivers Through New Health Programs


You’ve probably heard stories and statistics about unhealthy lifestyles among truck drivers. A recent Business & Legal Resources article (NIOSH survey finds truck drivers at risk for health problems, 9/23/14) stated that tight logistics and shipment deadlines commonly found in the trucking industry often lead truck drivers to overlook their physical health and wellbeing.

In addition to sleep deprivation, the article reports that truck drivers are more likely to smoke cigarettes as well as suffer from obesity and diabetes compared to the general U.S. adult working population. The article suggests that the nature of truck driving itself – sitting for long consecutive hours, stress from traffic and deadlines, and limited access to healthy foods – might be major contributors to serious health problems among truck drivers.

But this isn’t how it has to be – and it isn’t at Prime, Inc.

We understand that an unhealthy lifestyle is often one of the larger, most negative factors that people tend to associate with typical driving jobs. This is why we provide our truck drivers with various health programs and benefits. Promoting a fit and active lifestyle is a vital goal for us, and we’re adamant about our drivers’ health and wellness.

At Prime, our goal is to provide industry guidance on how to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness among truck drivers nationwide. With our health programs, drivers can stay fit, active and happy!

Safety Director Steve Field, 2014 Fittest of the Fleet Winner Randee Lewis, and DHF Coach Siphiwe Baleka

Safety Director Steve Field, 2014 Fittest of the Fleet Winner Randee Lewis, and DHF Coach Siphiwe Baleka

We recently wrapped up our National Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week, where Prime drivers participated in various athletic and sporting events, including running, biking, and mixed martial arts. One Prime driver even won a professional MMA fight!

Drivers also competed in numerous competitions, including Tough Mudder Wisconsin, Revolution 3 Triathlon, and the “Fittest of the Fleet” championships.

Since 2012, we’ve also launched our Driver Health and Fitness Program, an intensive, voluntary 13-week program using digital health devices to monitor and improve drivers’ metabolism so that they burn fat while driving. Twice a year we hold our Month Long Bicycle Challenge and Transformation Program, two components of Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness Program.

Our drivers’ quality of life is our number one priority, and we are paving the way towards making truck drivers’ health and wellness a trucking industry standard across North America!

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