Prime, Inc. – Brake Safety Week 2014

At Prime, we operate safely. No matter what month, day or year, we promote and reinforce safety driving principles. Check out our YouTube video below to see a few Prime, Inc. associates discussing the topic of safety:

This week, we’re specifically focusing on one area of safety: brakes. Why? Because it’s Brake Safety Week!

Brake Safety Week, September 7-13, 2014, is part of the Operation Airbrake program sponsored by CVSA in partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Operation Airbrake is an international truck and bus brake safety campaign dedicated to improving commercial vehicle brake safety throughout North America. The goal is to reduce the number of highway crashes caused by faulty braking systems by conducting roadside inspections and educating drivers, mechanics and others on the importance of proper brake inspection, maintenance and operation.


Properly functioning brake systems are crucial to safe vehicle operation. They’re designed to hold up under tough conditions, but they must be inspected and maintained carefully and consistently so they perform properly throughout the vehicle’s life.

During the week-long brake safety campaign, commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspectors will conduct inspections on trucks and buses to identify out-of-adjustment brakes and violations. The inspections will identify loose or missing parts, air or fluid leaks, worn linings, pads, drums or rotors, and other faulty brake-system components. Antilock braking systems malfunction indicator lamps will also be checked. Defective or out-of-adjustment brakes will result in the vehicle being placed out of service. Click here to read more about the Operation Airbrake Inspection Procedure. Prime trains their drivers to conduct thorough pre-trip inspections year-round and to be familiar with how to conduct an air brake test. Prime values the time and effort that goes toward a clean D.O.T. inspection. For non-violation inspections, Prime pays independent contractors $100 and company drivers $25.

Out-of-adjustment brakes and brake system violations represent half of all out-of-service violations issued for commercial vehicles on the road. Brake systems that are improperly installed or poorly maintained can reduce the braking capacity and stopping distance of trucks or buses, a serious safety risk. That’s why it’s important to help spread awareness not only this week, but year-round.

SafetyMainOutreach and educational efforts from CMV inspectors, participating motor carriers and others in the transportation industry are integral to the success of the campaign. Prime encourages all associates including truck drivers, fleet managers, directors and the general public to participate in Brake Safety Week. You can do so by learning more about the campaign and informing others. Click here to check out resources and educational materials.

Join Prime, Inc. in educating drivers and others on brake safety and encouraging brake safety compliance. Want to learn more? Visit and keep up-to-date on Facebook and Twitter. “Have you checked your brakes today?”

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