Prime Inc Announces Pay Increase For OTR Company Drivers

Stronger fiscal performance this past year for Prime Inc. has resulted in increased revenue for its OTR Company Drivers, Independent Contractors, and Associates. Prime would like to thank all of their associates for their continued service and dedication which helps the company grow and improve year after year. This is the fourth consecutive summer that Prime has increased its company driver pay (1 cpm increase in 2013 and 2014 and 1.5 cpm in 2015 and 2016).

“Prime is very excited to announce these enhancements to our driver pay and benefit packages.  The sacrifices made everyday in order to safely provide superior service to our industry-leading group of customers sets our drivers apart from the rest of the industry.   We truly appreciate the efforts of each driver and are pleased to make these changes in recognition of their continued success,” states Jim Guthrie, Director of Driver Recruitment.

Over-the-road Company Drivers (paid on the OTR per mile basis) started receiving a one and a half cent per mile increase for any loads dispatched after July 22, 2016. Along with increased pay rates for OTR truck drivers at Prime, there have been positive changes made to the company team driver incentive, safety and service incentive for company drivers and independent contractors, and vacation pay for company drivers. See below for a breakdown of these updates.

Starting Pay Rates for Solo Company Drivers:

  • 41 cpm for reefer (+ 5 cpm for lightweight tractor + 5 cpm for any miles on loads picked up AND delivered in the Northeast)
  • 43 cpm for flatbed
  • 48 cpm for tanker

Company Team Drivers:

  • Team Incentive: 20 cpm bonus on any miles 3,000 and over in a week
    • Previous model was 10 cpm bonus any miles 3,500 and over in a week
    • The team bonus is split 50/50 (10 cpm to each) for 2 A Seats. The team bonus is split 70/30 if it is an A Seat and a B/C Seat (14 cpm to A Seat and 6 cpm to B/C Seat) .

Safety and Service Incentive:

  • Must have no preventable accidents or incidents in the last 12 weeks and no service failures in the last 12 weeks to qualify. Must have trips scanned in within 48 hours of either empty call or T call (aka delivery) to qualify.
  • Company Drivers  (NEW***Company drivers never had a safety and service bonus in the past, but they do now.)
    • A Seat Solo Company Drivers:
      • Condo trucks: Earn 2 cpm extra for miles between 2,400 and 2,900
      • Lightweights/Dedicated: Earn 2 cpm extra for miles between 2,100 and 2,600 miles
    • Team Company Drivers
      • Condo Trucks: Earn 1 cpm extra for any miles 4,000 and above per week
    • Independent Contractors
      • Existing incentive (not new):
        • Solo: Earn 5 cents per mile for weekly miles between 2400 and 2900
        • Team: Earn 2.5 cents per mile for all weekly miles above 4000!
    • NEW: After 12 years of being an I/C, drivers will earn an EXTRA 2.5 cpm on safety and service incentive miles!

Vacation for Company Drivers

    • Increased vacation pay from $500 to $700
    • New Accruals on Mileage Bands

For more information, please contact Prime’s Recruiting Department at 888-664-9121 or send an email to

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