New Year, New Opportunity | Are you ready?

It’s already a new year and there you sit still doing what you’ve always done and continue getting the same undesirable results. Something’s got to give.

Richard Henley

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At night you dream of the open road, mountains and oceans, sunsets on the open plains. The lure of the open road tugs at you. Pulls you in. Ignites a fire in your heart. And yet, here you sit.

I get it. Deciding to be a truck driver is as BIG a decision as the rig itself. It’s life changing. You’ll be away from home, out of arm’s reach of those you love and all that’s familiar. You wonder if you can do it. But you just can’t shake the feeling, the draw of the road.

Every person who has ever considered becoming an over-the-road truck driver wrestles with the same thing. Those of us who took the leap will tell you to “JUST DO IT”. You’ll get used to it. You’ll figure out how to balance home and work. You’ll even develop a new normal, one that includes seeing new scenery each and every day.

Being an over-the-road truck driver is not a job. Far from it. It’s a lifestyle, one filled with adventure, newness, intrigue. It also has its challenges. It can get lonely but with modern technology, you can reach out to your friends and family in ways that makes you feel you’re almost there. It can also be tiring since you may have to deliver at all times of the day or night. But your body adjusts and for the most part, you can adjust your drive schedule to whatever suits you.

I must warn you that trucking grows on you. The first year is the most challenging and in all honesty, some don’t make it through that initial 365 days. But you have that dream and you’ll have the courage to keep going through the rough spots. Once you navigate that maze, you’ll find yourself immersed in a lifestyle that is exciting, gratifying and fulfilling. It is also utterly patriotic. You’ll be a part of a group of men and women who keep America going. You’ll be able to provide goods that feed America, keep her citizens healthy, happy and whole. You’ll be part of an elite force, a team of professionals called truckers.

So, you have options. You can continue to sit there where you are, in your current circumstance hating the life you have knowing it isn’t working for you. Or, like thousands before you, you can take the plunge. Take the step. Trucking isn’t for everyone but since you’re reading this and dreaming of the open road, it might just be for you.

Go ahead. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to do this? Remember, your dream is too important to remain unlived. Just do it!

Written by Reba J. Hoffman

IMG_1066Reba J. Hoffman joined Prime in 2014 after spending a year riding her bicycle alone around the country helping women victims of violent assault. A therapist by trade, Reba uses her understanding of people and how they tick to help them live their dream of being a trucker by serving as a CDL Instructor. When out of her truck, you’ll find her somewhere in the wilds of nature.

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