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Lease With Prime

and you're partnering with the best of the best!

Prime offers Independent Contractors:

  • Unlike traditional pay packages, with Prime you are not limited to "cents per mile" or longevity with the company. You control when you run, where you run and how much you make.
  • Quarterly Mileage Incentives are calculated and paid for all Prime team driver associates who run more than 50,000 miles per quarter.
  • Sensor Tracs
  • Trailer Tracs to help protect your freight
  • Substantial volume discounts on fuel, tires, parts, and service
  • Cash rewards for clean roadside inspections
  • Fuel surcharge protection plan
  • Liberal passenger program
  • Lane Deviation Warning
  • APUs available
  • Fuel Purchase Network with fleet volume discounts for your business
  • Retention and Rewards Program (up to $1500 per year of Prime‚Äôs money invested on your behalf)

ACE Program: The Associate Career Enhancement program is a continuous learning environment where independent contractors can obtain valuable information for making their businesses as profitable as possible.


Bring your own truck or partner with Success Leasing.


Success Leasing offers you:

  • State-of-the-art equipment, outfitted with the most advanced technology available, and powered by 500 horsepower engines. Prime's modern fleet perfectly complements Success Leasing's equipment.
  • Longevity Incentives
  • Vorad Detection Warning System
  • Anti-rollover devices